"I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree."

- Joyce Kilmer

Welcome to our little tree farm, nestled in the heart of Door County Wisconsin. What started out as an interesting hobby with just a hand-full of tapped trees has slowly grown into a multi-generational endevour.

We tap naturally-grown trees in a small forest grove, ensuring we are envrionmentally responsible with green capabilities continually being incorporated into our production.

As the interest in our family-made maple syrup continues to grow we have committed to planting 3,000 additional sugar maples, ensuring a sustainable future for our small business and the environment.


"Journey before Destination.”

- Brandon Sanderson

There were many turns on the journey to where we are now at Heartwood Tree Farms. Our start was just curiousity fueled by others in the area making maple syrup. This progressed to tapping a few trees around the the house and reducing a small amount of sap into our first drops of syrup.

This interest continued until we found ourselves on a small plot of land tapping dozens of trees. Our tools have changed over time as well, such as the incorporation of solar power vaccuum tubing and reverse osmosis concentration methods to reduce our resource footprint. Our hope is to give back to nature as well, with a intention of planting trees for future tapping in the field featured on our main web page.


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During the spring and summer visit us at local farmers markets and events on the peninsula. We will feature a variety of maple syrup products, ensuring there will be something for any sweet tooth.

Throughout the year, stop in at the Cherry Hut to pick up some of our syrup by the pint or quart, along with your new favorite beer.


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